Many people ask me sometimes what it’s like to be a wedding photographer in Rzeszow.

Well it is like a fast roller coaster ride. Amazing emotions and a very fast pace of life. It may sound epic… but I will also say that you simply have to be born to this profession because it can also be very hard and demanding. Everything also depends on determination, passion and more passion!!! I don’t know anyone who would have lasted longer in the market without these last three things.


Thesis one : ‘Wedding photography is an easy and enjoyable job?

Confrontation with reality: It is definitely not an easy job. It requires constant focus, speed and great equipment control during a wedding reportage. However, the process of post-production or proverbial processing is a very laborious and tedious job. It usually takes plus or minus two to three weeks. So is this work pleasant? It depends on your personality and your approach to it. I, for example, really enjoy meeting new people and the greatest satisfaction comes from being able to give my clients good footage of the most important moments in their lives. That is how I like it very much.

Thesis two : A wedding photographer earns crores and becomes a crescent in a short time?

Confrontation with reality: Hahaha… Fairy tales. Maybe it used to be like that when wedding photography entered the digital photography era. Back then all you had to do was buy a DSLR camera and call yourself a wedding photographer. Today, fortunately, clients have much better taste and very high expectations.

Personally, I am not happy about this fact because I don’t like mediocrity or shoddy work. Coming back to earnings, well… let me put it this way: after deducting various costs such as equipment maintenance, website maintenance, fuel, social security, vat, etc. the earnings are unfortunately not high.

That is why it is good to treat wedding photography only as an additional occupation. Such approach allows to keep artistic freshness and moreover it gives a lot of fun because we still do what we like not what we have to do.

Thesis three: Wedding photographer or a friend who recently bought himself a good camera?

Confronting reality: Hmmm… in an F1 race if someone has a great desire he can start both with a Trabant and a well-prepared car. Both cars will reach the finish line one day but in a completely different style and time…:-D It is similar with wedding photography in Rzeszów. It is also similar with every other service activity which requires experience and professionalism. And the choice is an individual matter


Thesis four: The better the equipment, the better the photos

Confrontation with reality: Generally yes but it is not an absolute rule! Personally, I have the best possible equipment, but it is also important to remember that great photos are taken with the head first, not with the camera. Or at least I do ;-D It is always so, that before I press the shutter button my head is more or less ready to take a picture (well… except maybe in spontaneous situations when my instinct is better). The key to a perfect wedding reportage is, therefore, first of all experience and rich creative workshop. Great equipment is a great technical advantage for me.


who is who

Maciej Marszałek

Photographer & Filmmaker

I operate under the flag of Sunny Frame, my small-big company

Once upon a time I left a boring career in law to become what I am today. A happy never surrending free man