Hallo I'mMaciekNice to meet You

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Do you know why the climbers climbs? Because there are mountains. Simple deep and beautiful answer.

Same is with me and protography  & filming. I found something that gives me satisfaction and fulfillness

On a personal level? Hmm… I’m a rather ordinary guy.  Curious about the world and constantly on the move. Eager to meet new people and traveling. Free man. So much human and such photographer

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My style of work

Every professional photographer has his own style and rules. Over the years I have developed my own set, which I always follow when taking orders.

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Self Confidence and instinct

I’m taking pictures of people and places as they are. I only bringing out their natural beauty.

In the whirlwind of photo-narration there is no time for conventions and inner deliberations. Good photos are determined by speed and instinct. I trust myself and my skills. So you can trust me too. While working I like to have full autonomy. I never impose anything myself and I rely on your authenticity.


Content over form

I’ m trying to make my photos not only tasteful but also technically perfect. Exposure with subtle shadows, composition, background etc.

But above all, I value the content. In my opinion There is only one way to gain it. You have to hunt for spontaneous emotions. Those kind of photos simply can defend themselves.

I'm telling the stories

I am a storyteller. I treat a wedding reportage holistically. That means I’m focusing more on maintaining a good level of the whole story, than on delivering a few dozen of perfect shots with fireworks.By the way, the photo-cherrys on top always comes up on their own and there are many of them.


I'm invisible

I like to tactfully stay in the shadow and blend into the background. At the same time I am always close to the center of events. After the work is done, I often hear from You that I was practically invisible. Thanks! It is a big compliment for me.


For and with You

I shooting mainly you, your immediate family and friends. I also try to capture as many guests as possible. I watch the action closely and if necessary I can give you some valuable organizational advice or support you in a stressful situation. I also smile a lot and I can infect people with it ;->