When the wedding outdoor session?


Not so long ago this question was on the minds of most Polish couples planning their wedding. Both of these options have their pros and cons.

In recent years the attitude towards wedding photography has changed significantly. The awareness of clients and their expectations has increased diametrically.

Personally I am very happy about this trend as I am a perfectionist and I like to set standards. Coming back to the point, the above mentioned circumstances make almost all young couples decide to have their wedding pictures taken on a day other than the wedding ceremony itself. There are a number of advantages behind it. Namely;

No local restrictions. The outdoor pictures will be taken where you want and not in an adventitious place that time allows us to take.

No time constraints. We will have much more time, so the photos will be much more interesting and technically refined.

The Bride does not have to worry about getting her dress dirty. Every wedding dress has its own thing, that it always likes to get dirty because it is mostly white. However, outdoor photos do not take place in sterile conditions. During an outdoor shoot, you won’t have to worry about coming back to the wedding in a dress that isn’t completely clean.

No weather restrictions and adequate light
It may be raining on your wedding day or it may be getting dark by the time you start your outdoor shoot. In case of an outdoor photo session on another day, these problems can be avoided.
No stress, adventure and good fun


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