The finishing line is getting closer and closer, and everything has been buttoned up to the last button. The invitations have long since been sent out, the dress has returned from the dressmaker after the last alteration and the band can safely start tuning its instruments… At this point it’s worth going through the checklist once again. As it happens in life, very often we underestimate the details, which can cost us some nerves in the future.

In Rzeszow, a good wedding photographer creating a reportage goes on the proverbial spree. He takes the camera, becomes invisible and jumps into the very whirl of events. However, before that happens it is good to get him acquainted with a few essential details of your ceremony.

Details of the wedding ceremony I have been dealing with wedding photography for a very long time and I know from experience that basically every parish has developed internal “technical details” of the wedding ceremony. It is worth getting to know them and then familiarising the hired photographer with them. I am talking about such information as:

How will the entrance of the bride and groom to the temple look like? In this case there are three possible variants. The first is the so-called American style entrance. It is a scene known to all of us, where the bride and groom are led to the altar by their father. The second option is a joint march of the Bride and Groom under the main aisle, where there is also a pastoral greeting. The most popular practice, however, is the priest coming out to the bride and groom standing at the threshold of the temple.

Don’t be the first to leave the church ;-D After the wedding ceremony it is customary for the bride and groom to go for a short prayer in front of a picture of the Virgin Mary. At this time the guests leave the church. In practice, however, it happens that in the heat of wedding emotions the bride and groom go to the exit immediately after the blessing. This is not beneficial because there is no one outside to sprinkle them with rose petals or handfuls of coins or rice.

Stand facing each other during the vows As many priests have noticed, the most common mistake the bride and groom make is standing sideways to each other while saying the vows and exchanging rings. Emotions and stress are probably the greatest at that moment, so it’s really easy to make such a mistake ;-D

There are many other details to pay attention to. But do not worry. Every wedding photographer from Rzeszów is an expert in wedding etiquette and will always help you if necessary.



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